Volume I Issue II

Snared By a Stranger
(cowritten with guest author Todd)

-Continued from vI iII-

He pushes her hair away from her eyes and face and he takes his fore finger and curls it, places it under her chin and raises her head to look into her shy eyes. He says, " that was the most amazing sight I have ever seen, who is this vision before me and why am I so priviledged to have you in my presence and on my bed?"

She begins to speak, but before she utters a word he leans down and places a soft, wet kiss on her quivering lips. He takes that same forefinger from her chin and touches her between her breasts and runs it all the way down her stomach, his nuckles finally grazing her kitty. She gasps as he touches her inner thigh. While caressing her, his scruffy face moves across her cheek, and he wishpers in her ear "click".

As he pulls away from her, she looks at him questioningly, her head slightly cocked to the left, her arms loosely brought around herself as she leans back a little to get a better view of the man who'd caught her. He laughs a small, deep laugh, intrigued by the creature in front of him...*SNAP*...He leans back down and softly kisses her again, this time softly parting her lips with his tongue, his fingertips lightly tickling her inner thigh. He pulls his face away with a little nip at her bottom lip, her face upturned into his kiss, eyes still closed....*SNAP*... With that second kiss, she begins to lose her shyness. She thinks to herself, I am the one in control here and stands up, her naked body touching him all the way up, her hand running over his thigh and then carressing his bulging jeans. Standing there looking up into his eyes, she grins and pulls the hat back off of her head, pushes him aside and struts back over to the mirror and continues the task which he had interupted from. She begins caressing her body, while glancing over at her admirer to she his expression....*SNAP*...

She sees he is pleased and smiles even more. She continues to preen in front of the mirror, posing for picture after picture. When she feels she's had enough mirrortime, she slowly struts in front of him and kisses him full on the mouth, her hands running over his chest, feeling the taught muscles beneath his tshirt. He must be a rodeo buff she thinks as she moans and pulls away. She makes her way to the tall dresser across from him. With the agility and gracefulness that is born women like her, she jumps up to sit on the edge of the cluttered top. His boots are huge, a size 13 she supposes, and they slide off her small feet with ease. She rests her toes in the handles of a drawer, legs slightly parted. She pulls the hat down shadowing her eyes, leans back against the clutter until her shoulders feel the wall, and rests her hands on her stomach; feigning sleep!

*SNAP* *SNAP* *SNAP*...One from every angle possible, all the while, shadows hide her smile.....

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