Volume I Issue III

Life has gotten in the way of writing! That's NOT too great, is it? But what is great is the way this story is being pieced together. This issue contains a small bio of Todd, the guest author, at the end of the excerpt.

Snared By a Stranger
(cowritten with guest author Todd)

-Continued from vI iII-

H wants to touch her, to devour her, but he can't seem to bring himself to put down the camera. Such an opportunity to capture this amazing creature forever comes along once in a lifetime. He gets cocky and decides to direct her. "Move your arms above your head, *SNAP**SNAP* "Arch yor back a bit more, show me those delicious breasts" . *SNAP*. Some moisture above his brow begins to glisten, the room temperatue begins to rise or is it him and her?  "Spread your knees apart a little bit baby, I need a glimpse of your sweetness". As she moves her body to his direction, his voice excites her more and more....*SNAP*, *SNAP*

Her subconcious need to be dominated pushes her to listen to his direction, following every command that flows forth from his deep sexy voice. He's quite aroused, she can tell by the faint quiver in his timbre. Suddenly she slides off the dresser, the cowboy hat still low over her eyes and the only article on her...*SNAP*. She ducks her head, hiding her whole face beneath the hat...*SNAP*. He's so tall! Looking straight ahead she sees his muscular chest and broad shoulders, but looking down...her smile grows bigger.

His arousal is quite evident in the bulge in his jeans. His determination to keep photographing sways; such a gorgeous creature advancing on him...*SNAP*. Her hands sway out beside her, her nipples standing out...*SNAP*.

He glances back at the dresser from whence she slid; there, on the top, is a small dark spot. His jaw drops slightly at realizing it's her pussy juices; she's as turned on as he!! As she is stopped a foot in front of him, contemplating her next move, he takes a moment to point the camera at the dresser top...*SNAP* --but just as he does, he feels her hands on his chest. He holds the camera to his side, but continues his firm grip. His other arm comes up to lift the hat from her face showing her devilsh grin. "What a beauty you are" he says, caushing her to blush. She tries to put her head back down, but he grabs her chin and reaches down to kiss her again. She pushes him away and takes the hat completely off and throws it at him. He catches it at his chest, looking surprised and astonished. In a forceful voice she says, "Put it on!" He does, then she slinks over to him, standing inches from his throbbing manhood. She raises her hands up slowly and begins to unbutton his shirt to expose his well defined chest. She caressess his chest with both hands and his body quivers slightly. Then in one swift motion she pushes him away again with one hand and grabs the camera from him with the other....*SNAP*, *SNAP, *SNAP*.......

Continued next issue...

About the co-author:

Name/alias: Todd "Photodd"
Age: 36
Status: Married; no children
Known pets: Flick & Mojo
Occupation: Artist
Website: photoddaze 
Online work: photodd

I met Todd through Buzznet.com and  we quickly became friends. Todd is a photographer first and a workingman second. Our story began as two friends bouncing ideas for a photo shoot off each other. Email after email it grew. As of this moment, the story extends up to a possible 6th installment and is as hot as can be. After this, is there any chance of another tale from two friends? You'll just have to wait and see.

Here is a miniature bio in his own words:

I am kind of a corporate nomad...I work for the man, and I claim to not like it, because that's what artists do....."down with the man" Truth is, I like it fine, mainly because it only takes up part of my time. The rest I spend loving my family and dogs and photographing interesting and beautiful things. I am in my 30s but feel and act like I am 17, probably 'coz I fool myself into believeing it was my best year, just like most. I love my wife, my friends and my art.

There you have it. CoAuthor Todd.

Enjoy your day!

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