Volume I Issue IV

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In this issue you will find a new section: Guest Article. In this section I will place an article that I find intriguing and interesting and worth sharing. This feature will not always be included, but when it is, you will know that it will be good.

Also included is another section of the feature story. If you notice a growing trend, the sections featured are getting longer and longer. This is due to the fact that I am trying to find a length that I am comfortable with in the articles. After enough features stick, I will begin a Contents portion with click-view, and for that, the articles need to be a decent length. I do, however, enjoy the tease the story is; I mean if you get the whole thing in one lump, you might not show back up for more, will you?

Feature Article

Snared By a Stranger
(cowritten with guest author Todd)

-Continued from vI iIII-

As he stumbles backwards, she's snapping pictures. His foot catches on the edge of the bed and he tumbles onto his back...*SNAP* *SNAP* *SNAP*. She giggles as she walks to the space between his legs, thrown over the edge. She bends down far enough to pull his shirt all the way off him, fingers trailing across his chest as she stands back up...*SNAP*. With a mesmirizing grin, she hands the camera back to him. He warily takes it into his posession, knowing she's up to something. As she stands back up he snaps another picture *SNAP* : she's bent halfway over his halfdressed body in the picture.

She's standing only a second before she slowly drops to her knees, the smile never leaving her face. She rests her hands on his thighs, staring into his eyes...*SNAP*.

As she stares into his weathered eyes, she begins to press her palm on to the big bulge in his jeans. "I feel it it throbbing, you think it's smothering in there, should we give him some air?" She starts to stroke him from the outside of his jeans, the whole time gazing into his eyes with her trademark grin. She lowers her face to his crotch and begins to caress his manhood with her cheek as she runs her hand across his rippled mid section. The camera lay next to him in his unclinched hand, no longer able to take photographs.

"I can't take this baby, stop teasing!" he says in a fractured, scratchy voice. She knew then, she was in total control for the moment.

She lifts up her head to see a big shiny belt buckle. "I like this, can I have it?" she says as she unbuckles his belt. He can't speak, all she hears is constant sighs and the anticipation in his begging grunts. She unzips his jeans and pulls back his boxer briefs to expose the source of the throbbing. She looks at it and back up at her camera cowboy. She then takes his cock in her hand, grips the shaft and says "Pink, hard, beautiful and just the right size....."

She leans down to lick it, but stops short, her head jerks up, her eyes lock on his, already half glazed with anticipation. "Where's your camera, cowboy?" she asks, her smile gone. Caught off guard, it takes him a minute to realize what she's saying and struggles to get the camera, inches from his fingers. "Well?" she arches her brow, smile returning. He grabs the camera and fumbles to get it righted....*SNAP*.

"Shit" he mumbles; he took a picture of the ceiling! Her smile broadens into the most lustful devilish grin yet. He gets the camera steadied and just as he clicks the shutter button, she licks the tip of his gorgeously engorged member. He fights to keep the camera steady while she starts to stroke him, eyes still locked on his, tongue giving his tip a kitty-bath.

She then closes her eyes and gingerly presses his warm stiff cock against his stomach. She smells his balls, "Ahhhh, what a sweet, sweet smell. It's making so wet!" She begins to lick his balls, up and down, then one by one she sucks them into her hot wet mouth as she strokes his huge shaft with her free hand. The grunts and groans from her cowboy get her even more excited. His balls are drenched with her saliva. She looks up at him, his eyes are closed and sweat beading up on his forehead. She continues stroking his beautiful, hard dick, this time with both hands, very slowly, he looks up and is startled "Right, right, I forgot" *SNAP* *SNAP*.  As he looks away from the viewfinder into her eyes, she gets that grin then opens her mouth wide to...*SNAP*....

Guest Article:

About the author:

Name/alias: "DooGooder"
DooGooder's Story 

Crystal orgasm

I was thinking in metaphors this morning. The one that rolled around in my head was the female orgasm.

It is like a crystal wine glass. You dip your finger in the wine to get it moist. Glide it along the rim slowly as you listen to the pitch of the glass and the vibrations build under the administration of your digit. It slowly grows in volume. The crystal shutters more intensly with each rotation until finally the crystal lattices within can no longer remain bonded. The intense frequency energy finally tears the molecules apart and the once stoic glass shatters into tens of thousands of tiny shards.

How many crystal glasses have come undone today, I wonder.

Enjoy your day!

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