Volume I Issue V

Good afternoon! Or should I say 'Good evening'?

In this issue, you will be pleased to find Haloscan--commenting is now available! I've had a few emails asking for commenting of some sort, and I've had tremendous success with Haloscan in the past, so I decided that would be used here.

The Featured Article, Snared By a Stranger, is almost complete. Look for the ending in the next issue or the one after that. Depends on how long I wish to drag it out. I will try not to drag it out too long; already I've got the next Featured Article set up. Needs a title though. It's coauthored by the first ever Guest Article author, DooGooder. Together we've come up with a common scenario with a surprising twist. I'm enjoying it, I know you will too (I mean, c'mon, who doesn't love professor/student situations?).

There is not Guest Article this issue. However, there is a Featured Blog. Yup. 'Nother new installment. Not always to be included either. I just figured that it should be mentioned. I enjoy reading it and I'm sure you will too.

Feature Article

Snared By a Stranger
(cowritten with guest author Todd)

-Continued from vI iIV-

She sucks him all the way in, all the way to his hilt...*SNAP*. She deep throats him for a minute, long enough to get him almost to the edge..*SNAP*. He moans and reaches for her hair, he just wants to run his fingers through; his fingers brush her forhead as she looks up...*SNAP*. She pulls her mouth away, trailing precum and saliva...*SNAP*. "Mmmm...let's put this away for now, shall we?" she says as she sets the camera aside. She siddles up him, kissing and licking from tip of his cock, up his wonderful abs, up his chest, and stops at his stubbly chin. She carefully pulls her legs up so that she's straddling him, pushing his hard cock into his stomach. "Now, my dear, I shall save a horse...." She winks at him and gives him that deadly venomous grin of hers.

Frankly he is relieved the photo shoot is over. She bends down, her long wonderful brunette mane falls into his face. With one sweep of her hand, she flips her illustrious locks to one side. Creeping toward his face, her ruby red lips meet his, they become locked in a wet passionate kiss. His tongue begins exploring every inch of her scrumptious mouth. She inches closer toward him, rubbing her dripping wet pussy over his stiff shaft. She is so wet he can feel the warmth of her juices on his cock and now on his stomach. He is kissing every inch of her amazing face and slowly slips a hand between her legs and slides a finger into her. She moans as she kisses him harder and begins to move back and forth slowly on his hand. She is dripping all over him. The tickle of one finger drives her as she slowly grinds on his hand. Her juices drip down on him, allowing him the pleasure of rubbing against her soft thighs. One of her hands is on his shoulder supporting her, the other is massaging and caressing his muscular arm. Her moans mix with his between their fused lips.

His hand slowly pulls out, and he smiles into their shared kiss as her ass tries to follow his hand. He caresses her ass as he leads it atop his solid cock. He desperately wants to be inside her and he knows she's aching for him too. With his other hand he grabs the back of her neck, not wishing to break their kiss as he enters her. He moves slow, too slow for her tastes, but he holds her firm; her head pinned in place, her ass held aloft--he's in control for the moment, and he wants to savor every precious second he is joined with this devilish nymph....

Featured Blog:

Authors / aliases: "Demon Queen" & "Demon King"
Realm of the Demon Queen

Excerpt from Most Recent Post

On the pretense of reaching for the toothpaste, I put one arm around your waist to pull you to the side, but my other reaches under the towel, sliding past that place where your ass joins your thighs, portal to the place I was in while we shared the shower.

"Don't, I'm already late because of you!"

I persist, lightly stroking your labia, still wet from the shower, from me, from you, swollen, the perfect soft membrane wetness of the inside of you peeks outwardly, my finger finding the glide into you....

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This is a new project for me; never before have I had a place to post up all my stories and imaginings. Updates will be as often (daily at times) or as far between (sometimes up to a week) as I feel, though I will not try to keep you waiting long.

If you would like to coauthor or if you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me.

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