Volume I Issue VI

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I must first apologize at how long it has taken to get this sixth issue out. Family is visiting and I'm finding the urge to have children rapidly growing. Probably for the best I'm single again, no?

This issue is the last portion of Snared By A Stranger. A new Feature Article is showcased. Let me know what you think!

Feature Article

Snared By a Stranger
(cowritten with guest author Todd)

-Continued from vI iV-

Her cowboy continues at a slow pace so his rock hard cock can feel every inch of her tight wet pussy. She follows steadily along as she places both hands on his chest and walks them backward as she raises up, pushing him deeper and deeper into her. She begins to take the reigns, slamming down onto him harder and faster. He is about to cum so he violently pulls her back down to slow her gyrations. He grabs her face and begins to kiss her again then looks into her eye and says, "I want to taste you, Kitten" then grabs her by the neck and back, whips her around. Suddenly she is looking up at her lover!!

"Oh!" she exclaims in surprise and smiles the most impressive mischivious smile she can. "Mmmm...you going to try to ride me, cowboy?"

A soft gutteral growl reverberates through him, "Try? I've tamed the wildest of bulls, you're no different!...But first...." He trails off as he pulls out and leaves kisses from her mouth to her neck to her breasts, stopping and paying extra attention to her nipples, then down to her stomach. She starts to giggle and squirm as well as moan as his scrubby face makes its way to her soul of existance. On his way down he picks up the hat that had fallen onto bed during the ruckus. He pulls her hips to edge of the bed and places the hat on her quivering abdomen, dotted with beads of perspiration.

She looks down toward him and realizes she cannot see him. Then she's startled "Ohhh" she moans, as she feels his lips softly kiss her inner thigh, first the right then the left, with each kiss he makes his way in close and closer to her sweet spot.

Unable to view his work, she tilts her head back and anticipates each kiss and tickle of his scratchy face. Just a breath away he stops. She moans and wriggles to try to get closer, but he pulls back. Her arms are now above her head, pulling at the sheet, "Pleeease?" He lets out another low growling laugh as he kisses her wet kitty; her surprise causes her to jump a little, which only leads him to laugh more. She moans and tries to refrain from grinding his face; he's setting the pace he wishes to go. His laugh turns to a maon; she tastes so delicious and sweet! He can't get enough and begins to lap his tongue faster, thinking he'll go insane if he doesn't get more of his sweet little treat.

He begins to suck on her clit as he slowly slides a finger in to her sweet spot. He curls his finger to tickle her g-spot, her moans transform into screams of extacy. Still licking every inch of her dripping wet pussy he slides a second finger in as she moans and writhes in delite! "Oh my god baby!" He continues his unwavering service to her kitty as she arches her back more and more.

He wraps his arms around her hips and rolls her on to her stomach. "All fours" he says forcefully.

She does it with the motion of a gazelle, just waiting to see what he'll do next. He places soft wet kisses on her firm, round bottom. She moans, then whimpers. He senses her dissapointment then suddenly spreads her ass and takes one big, long, hard lick from her clit to her asshole. "OOHHH" she yells. He then rolls over. He places his hands on her ass and begins to suck on her pussy again, much to her delight. While on all fours she lowers her head and peeks under her arm to see him. She cranes her neck around to view him on his tiptoes with his rock hard cock straight in the air. This sight makes her cum and gush all over his face.

After she stops shaking she says in her most forceful voice, "What are you staring at Fuck me again!!" As he stands there with his cock in his hand, her still on her hand and knees, she wiggles her ass. "C'mon fuck it" she says again. He moves up toward her ass, high in the air. She is looking back at him. He takes the head of his dick, fat and pink and begins to tickle her clit with it, she whimpers. At once he slams his cock all the way in, his hips slapping against her ass. SLAM-SLAM-SLAM. His big balls are bouncing off of her clit, she drops to her elbows and grabs a pillow to muffle her screams.

She's running on nothing but the pleasurable endorphins being released, enjoying his cock slamming deep within her. Her screams are muffled by the pillow, and during a momentary pause, he leans down and whispers in her ear, "Mmm...It's my turn...". She moans out as his cock pushes as deep inside as it can, growing as thick as it can. He's close and getting closer, pumping harder and harder, throbbing in time with his hands' tweaking of her nipples. "Ohhh yeeeaaah, this cowboy loves his little lady." He stands back up, cock still burried deep, his hands trailing from her breasts to her back down to her ass.

Suddenly feathers fly; she pulls the pillow apart as she screams out, her orgasm filtering through her. *SMACK* He slaps her ass hard as he growls "MY turn!" Her clenching pussy gets the best of him though he tries to hold off, tempt her to one more. Too long he'd been without a woman; too long had he held himself back with this sexy nymph!

He stops his thrusting but she doesn't, her soft wet pussy gently caressing his cock slowly in and out as if she was polishing it with the juices she sprayed all over his dick. He wipes the sweat from his forehead as he looks down on her body on her hands and knees, perspiration glistening from her neck, back and ass. Suddenly he pulls out and in one swift motion he flips her on her back, grabs her hips and pulls her to him and thrusts his throbbing tool into her again. With the forces of the gods he slams his cock in deeper and deeper, her moans becoming screams of passion, noises and sounds resonating every time their pelvises clash.

She moans to him, "Don't cum in me, I want to taste you." These words excite him to the brink. He pulls out and she sits up and grabs his cock with both hands and brings it to her lips. She begins to stroke his cock and suck on the head. She feels he is ready to let lose, so she stops sucking, keeping one hand stroking and the other cluthing his firm, clinched ass. As she grabs his ass she opens her mouth wide, looks up at him and strokes his cock as he shoots his hot wad into the back of her throat. His groans echo in the oversized hotel suite. As she looks at the sweat rolling down his rippled abs, she squeezes out every drop and licks his shaft, it's covered with her juices and her hands are slick and shiney.

She then realizes, as she is sucking on the head of his cock looking for remnents of sweetness, just how wet she was and how great her orgasms were. She pulls his cock out of her mouth for the very last time, still with a firm grip, throws her head back and closes her eyes and swallows down every last bit of his milky delite. "Ahhhhhh" she said as she wiped the rest from her lips.

Her fantasy, turned reality was over.

The End

Continuing next issue:
[Un-Named Tale] CoAuthor: DooGooder
Professor Tyra Hardesty was the youngest professor on campus. Men flocked to her Women's Study course just to drool over her tight young body. She stood only 5' 1", but her body was nearly flawless, at least to their eyes. Her 34Cs were perky and perfectly rounded, her waist was thin, her hips a nice compliment to her chest; all together the perfect hourglass figure.
However once in her class, her male students found it to be no easy chore to keep their GPA up. She was a tough lesson giver and her exams were a nightmare. The material covered was fairly easy...if you were a woman. Prof Tyra, as she prefered to be called, seemed to favor the women, shrugging off their higher averages to them having insight into the material from personal experience.
But one male student wouldn't stand for it any longer. He'd busted his ass all semester and wasn't happy with the 69.4 he'd recieved on this last major exam. He wanted the grade he felt he deserved and headed to Prof Tyra's office that Friday, just before the end of her office hours. He'd work her all weekend if he had to, he was getting that A!

Note From MidnightVoice:
As you can tell, a nice twist to the Professor/Student stories, which happen to be a favorite of mine. You'll also see Secretary/Boss stories as well.

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