Volume I Issue VII

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Persistance Pays 
(cowritten with guest author Doogooder)

-Continued from vI iVI-

Professor Tyra Hardesty was the youngest professor on campus. Men flocked to her Women's Study course just to drool over her tight young body. She stood only 5' 1", but her body was nearly flawless, at least to their eyes. Her 34Cs were perky and perfectly rounded, her waist was thin, her hips a nice compliment to her chest; all together the perfect hourglass figure.
However once in her class, her male students found it to be no easy chore to keep their GPA up. She was a tough lesson giver and her exams were a nightmare. The material covered was fairly easy...if you were a woman. Prof Tyra, as she prefered to be called, seemed to favor the women, shrugging off their higher averages to them having insight into the material from personal experience.
But one male student wouldn't stand for it any longer. He'd busted his ass all semester and wasn't happy with the 69.4 he'd recieved on this last major exam. He wanted the grade he felt he deserved and headed to Prof Tyra's office that Friday, just before the end of her office hours. He'd work her all weekend if he had to, he was getting that A!

He went up the three sets of stairs to her office taking them two at a time.  He wasn't sure why Prof. Ta-Ta's, as all the male students referred to her, had such an attitude toward her male students.  They had worked just as hard as the women, but the women always got ahead.  Maybe that was it.  She preferred her own sex to the opposite.  He might have to do something about that.
Down the marbled hallway he went.  Each step echoing down the deserted passageway.  Hers was at the very end.  Some how, though young, she had fanagled the office with the best view on campus.  'Probably from spreading her legs to right guy', he thought.  'or right little slut'.
Rocky, as he liked to be called, was old school.  He'd done his time working for the man and he was looking now to find a way up and out of the rut known better as his job.  He was never afraid of hardwork and his lean body and chisled facial looks looked good on a man approaching forty.  The gray in his temple gave him respect amoung his male peers and darting glances from the older female prof's.  He had scored an A with these tools before, he'd score another again.  To have a young woman, girl is what he really thought, hold him back for no good reason was inexcusable in his mind.
He stood at the office door, raised his hand preparing to knock, then hesitated.  Rocky knew this could easily be one of those life changing moments.  Should he be hard and brash or should he try sweet talk Prof. Ta-ta's.  He took a last deep breath and knocked.


Featured Site:

Author / alias: "Remittance Girl"
Remittance Girl's Writing 

Excerpt from Most Recent Posted Story: The Curse

....The old tile bathroom was cool and dark. Vanessa turned the cold tap on full and let the tub fill while she hunted for her lavender aromatherapy oil. It was supposed to help with too much 'chi' energy whatever that was.

Once she'd found it and poured a liberal amount in the tub, she shed her sticky clothes and stepped into the water. It felt deliciously cool. Usually, Vanessa had a hard time getting into a swimming pool, but today the cold bath seemed just perfect. She lay back, submerging her whole body.

In the murk of the room, she gazed down over her body. It was a nice body, a comfortable one. Not like a fashion model's but still nice. Models never had any tits, but she did. And men liked tits, no matter what the women's magazines said. Come to think of it, she liked tits - she liked her tits. She watched them jiggle buoyantly in the water, the chill teasing her nipples erect. With two forefingers, she traced the circumference of each dusty pink areola and watched them pucker under her touch. Then she gave each nipple a sharp tweak. The sensation sent little electric shocks straight down to her cunt, making her clit throb. She spread her legs a little in the water, letting the cold currents slide between them.....

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